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Jared Diamond


on Sun Apr 02, 2017 4:37 pm
Nation Name: The Grand State of New Erias
Leader Name: Doge Jared Diamond
Have you applied to join the Socialist International in game and your nation on the red color?: Yes, not out of beige yet.
Have you been a member of any other PnW alliances? (Y/N): No.
If you answered "yes" to the previous question, elaborate:
Do you have any previous government experience? (Y/N): No.
If you answered "yes" to the previous question, elaborate:
Do you use Discord? If yes, what is your Discord tag?: No. Sorry. Getting it soon.
Why do you want to join the Socialist International?: Friends, need an alliance.
Who recruited you?: Flavius/Scotland Yard.
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Re: Application

on Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:21 pm
Your application has been accepted. You now maintain the rank of Entrant. While you hold the rank, you will spend a maximum of 3 days studying about the game mechanics and guides located at You will not be eligible for grants during the time you hold this rank. After your 3 days of holding the rank of Entrant, you must pass a test covering the course material in which you must score an 80% or higher to pass and become a fully-fledged member. Welcome to SI!
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